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Our Customer Commitments

We've crafted an integrated process that serves as our guiding light for achieving successful project outcomes. Our team is prepared and coached to fearlessly embrace challenges, approaching them with a solution-focused mindset. When confronted with obstacles during project execution, our team is committed to devising and presenting practical, commonsense solutions to our valued customers.

We Promise to Exemplify TEAMWORK
Our people are our greatest strength. A considerable number of our members have navigated their way up within the construction industry, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience that they generously pass along to our younger team members. Additionally, our long-standing relationships with our external partners in the trade hold immense significance to us. We wholeheartedly recognize and nurture the shared respect and cooperation between suppliers and installers, underscoring the vitality of these relationships.

We Promise to be RELIABLE
With over 78% of our projects stemming from repeat clients, our focus on Reliability and Relationships stands as a paramount commitment. We empower our team with task ownership, ensuring our customers' expectations are not only met but exceeded. Rest assured, every member of our team is readily available to our customers around the clock, instilling the confidence that their needs will be attended to promptly and attentively.

We Promise to Provide EXCELLENCE
We invest heavily in training in order to build consistency with our brand providing our customers with the excellence they rightfully anticipate. This proactive approach serves to cultivate long-term relationships and elevate Streib's reputation over the long term. 

We Promise to Work with INTERGRITY 
Our project delivery is grounded in transparency and fairness – values that drive us to uphold promises, prioritize safety, meet deadlines, and produce results of the highest quality. It's this commitment to ethical conduct that has been the cornerstone of our company's foundation. We pledge to consistently uphold this principle with our customers, endeavoring to earn and nurture their trust for the years ahead.

We Promise to Always BE STREIB
Staying true to our core values ensures that our customers experience the expectations that we "Streib" to be. Consider this our unwavering pledge to you.

Tom Streib's passion for our product and service delivery has led us to establish a dedicated school- Streib Education Center. This institution aims not only to educate emerging professionals in electrical applications but also to instill a profound understanding of delivering exceptional customer care throughout the entire process. By passing down years of experience and knowledge, we are sowing the seeds for generations of passionate technicians committed to ensuring customer happiness.

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