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In 1996, while most people were discussing the ending of "The Usual Suspects" in whispered circles, Tom Streib was starting his career as an electrician in Shrewsbury, MO. His love of the industry led him to dream big and pursue starting a small business himself. His business would include premium talent, but also focus on the biggest key to success: the customer. Sure, anyone can find an electrician to complete a job, but what if they could be assured that the contractor will go above and beyond to provide genuine customer care that includes not just completing the job, but also going the extra mile to ensure every critical, behind-the-scenes detail is taken care of?

Since 2004, this simple attention to detail has been the magic formula for Streib Company’s success and has led Streib to expand the company to more than 120 people. In 2007, Streib Media (formerly known as SOJO Audio & Video) was implemented. Soon after, in 2008, Streib Security was added. And in 2017, Streib Systems came to be.


Today, Streib Company’s focus remains on the customer. By offering great solutions that make your home or office a comfortable, safe place, we hope to continue attracting new, excited clients and provide them with the best experience possible.




Streib Company is a full-service electric, media, security, and systems contractor in the St. Louis and surrounding area that raises the bar in service by promoting quality, safety, and education from within.



Since 2004, Streib Company has seen owner Tom Streib's dream of being a customer-first operation come true. What started as Streib Electric, quickly grew to become Streib Company and includes media, security, and systems services, as well as electrical.


Solution Focus





Be Streib

At Streib Company, we implement our Core Values into everything we do. We believe that living by these Core Values will always set our team and customers up for success.

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